No More Bullies

Don't let your child be a target. It's not the size, but the confidence that matters. Give your child the confidence that comes with knowing you can protect yourself. Call now 302 477-1090

Our martial arts classes teach self defense for real life situations. Your child will gain self confidence through self discipline. Martial arts help to bolster confidence, improve motor skills, help focus and is a great way to exercise for better health. Gaining confidence can help with several aspects of their lives including improving grades at school. Call now to give your child the gift of confidence 302 477-1090

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Everybody Needs Confidence

Martial arts is not just child's play, adults can benefit in many ways too Bullies don't just affect kids, they victimize adults also. Everyone needs to feel safe. Exercising using martial arts not only benefits your physical health, but your mental and emotional health as well. There is nothing like the confidence of knowing you can defend yourself and your loved ones. Bring your confidence back, or gain it for the first time. Call now 302 477-1090

Classes Offered at Martial Arts Center of Delaware!

Class structures

5:45pm-6:30pm  Monday thru Thursdays

Junior Karate class:  The junior class studies traditional kata and basics.  This group also studies a blended form of real life based self defense techniques.  Movement drills and ground fighting are introduced as an additional tool for training.  Light traditional weapons training is provided as they advance in their rank.

6:30pm-7:15pm Monday thru Thursday

Teen Karate: The teen class studies traditional kata and basics.  This group is also exposed to beginner level jiujutsu and basic judo.  A more intense level of blended self defense is taught along with basic ground fighting and judo.  Traditional weapons are studied along with interpretation of some beginner kata.

7:30pm-8:30pm Monday thru Thursday

Adult Karate: The adult class studies traditional kata and basics.  They are also exposed to bunkai (interpretation) of the forms studied.  Adults are encouraged to examine and be creative when dealing with the techniques in the form.  This class also studies a blended self defense curriculum.  Exposure to juijutsu and the principles of judo within reason are applied.  Traditional and modern weapons are studied as part of this curriculum.

6:30-7:30 Fridays

Open mat training. All belt levels and ages are welcome. Training is set by the students needs.

Family plans are available.

Private lessons are available.

Personal protection and safety issues concern everyone. Security guards, police officers, school teachers, real estate agents and students all need to be aware. We offer specialized courses designed to keep you and your loved ones safe. More info...

Knowing that you can defend yourself breeds confidence. 

Call Martial Arts Training Center of Delaware now - 302 477-1090